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You are Powerful!

At Connect Healing Arts Studio, we are dedicated to providing you tools to guide you on your heart journey. Our holistic healing studio is designed to help you relax, let go, be heard and to embrace the renewing power of universal love energy, Reiki. I believe we come from love and return to love. Everything is created through love. That's why my mission is to teach you about the power in your heart and help you feel better quickly. We offer a one hour mystical and magical session that's helping hundreds of clients. It's helped me and I can't wait to share it with you.

Tara's Education & Certifications

- Master Reiki Cert.
- Heart Chakra Specialist
- Joy Journey Speaker & Teacher
- Shaman Training, Bogota Colombia
- Recovery Dynamics Cert.
- Emotional Intelligence Cert. 
- Hospice Cert.
- Communications Specialist Degree

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