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Sessions may include the following… 

Reiki Trauma Aura Cleansing

Lighten your energy field in our safe, healing and comforting session. Let go of things not serving you as hands lightly touch and hover over you. Feel the traumas, fears, pain and past experiences wash away as universal intelligence and unconditional love flow through you.


Vibrational Binaural Sound Healing

Includes binaural beats, gongs, Gregorian chants, angelic chorals, solfeggio frequencies & more. Experience a profoundly deep, dreamy and relaxed state as your mind wonders in the either of bliss and joy.  


Crystal Release Techniques

We use an assortment of crystals to draw out and heal wounded generational bonds, overwhelming mind clutter & programming, heavy pain body, grief and trauma hidden in the subconscious.

Tara's Education & Certifications

- Reiki 1, 2 & 3 Master Level Cert.
- Shaman Training_Bogota Columbia
- Recovery Dynamics Cert.
- Emotional Intelligence Cert. 
- Hospice Cert.
Communications Bachelor Degree

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