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Angel & Shaman Reiki
Where Heaven & Earth CONNECT

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1409 Ogden St, Denver Colorado 80218
Call 804-393-9197

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Reiki with Sound Healing Benefits

Hi, I'm Tara Lloyd, full-time Reiki Therapist & Sound Healer in Denver, Colorado, Capitol Hill area. In our safe, loving session, we will learn to get in touch with the true essence of our beings and let go of the things not serving us like trauma, heavy pain bodies, depression and anxiety.  As Deepak Chopra shares, “This true essence is beyond ego. It is fearless; it is free, it is immune to criticism, it does not fear any challenge. It is beneath no one, superior to one one and full of magic, mystery and enchantment." 


Join me on this magical carpet ride and discover your inner "true essence" through the power of Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystals and Intuitive Guidance, as we raise vibrations for Atmospheric Healing. When you heal, we all heal. Thanks for being here and I hope we CONNECT soon.


Address: CONNECT is located inside Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness.

What Clients Are Saying

“Don’t Be Afraid, it’s a Beautiful, Loving Experience”

“The Studio Space is Soooo Cool”

“Helped Me with Deep Trauma Wounds“

“Opened My Third Eye & Intuition“

“Intuitive Guidance is Spot On”

“Feel Joy & Enthusiasm Again”

“Released My Anxiety”

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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