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Reiki + Sound + Crystal Healing

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Located in Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness 
1409 Ogden St, Denver Colorado 80218

Call 804-393-9197 or Book On-Line

Meet Tara  Lloyd

Reiki Master, Soul Therapist

Welcome to CONNECT Reiki Studio in Denver,  located in Rooted Heart Yoga and Wellness, near Capitol Hill. Together we can explore the realms of vision, enlightenment & transformation while enjoying deeper states of relaxation, reflection and solace. Our unique Reiki Fusion session offers many healing resources like Card Readings, Candles, Crystals, Sound Technology & of course energy upgrades. Working together in this sacred space brings feelings of comfort, safety, peace, understanding, guidance and support. Distance Reiki also available.

Bonus: Take home your card reading & 1 free sound healing.

Giving Back: We support folks in 12 step recovery programs. Get $25 off of your session. Some proceeds will benefit York Street Club 

  • 1 hr

    125 US dollars


You can enjoy all our services in a 1 hour Reiki Fusion session, to include:

Energy Work: Recharge as my hands gently hover over you with universal life force energy. 

Sound Healing: Balance and harmonize with customized vibrational settings.

Crystal Clearing: Crystals hover over 7 key chakras, releasing things not serving you.

Card Reading: Angel Oracle cards will bring divine inspiration & perspective.

Long Distance Healing: Can't make it into the studio?  No problem.  I'm trained & certified in distance healing and help folks and their pets heal and feel better quickly.

Reiki Benefits Image.png

Reiki Benefits

Holistic Healing That Works

# Find acceptance and love for yourself and others 

# Let go of pain, fear, anger & things not serving you 

# MANIFEST true desires 

# Cleanse & energize CHAKRAS 

# Relief from ADDICTIONS like drugs & alcohol 

# Stop Obsessive Mind Loop 

# Create States of PURE RELAXATION 



# Harness Unconditional Love 

# Starseed Support

What Clients Are Saying

“It’s a Beautiful, Loving Experience”

“The Studio Space is Soooo Cool”

“Helped Me with Deep Trauma Wounds“

“Opened My Third Eye & Intuition“

“Intuitive Guidance is Spot On”

“Felt Joy, Inspiration & Enthusiasm Again”

“Released My Anxiety”

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